With its almost always perfect weather, the Mediterranean location and the vibrant past, Cyprus stands out from the usual tourist destinations.

The striking coastline with rocky structures or lonely sandy beaches predestine cyprus as a destination for a tour on a chartered yacht.

Our captain will navigate you safely to the most beautiful and impressive shore regions of Cyprus.

A sea captain, also known as a ship's captain, captain, master, or shipmaster, is a high-ranking licensed mariner in charge of a commerce vessel.

The captain is in charge of the ship's seaworthiness, safety, and security, as well as cargo operations, navigation, crew management, and legal compliance, as well as the passengers and cargo on board.

Everyone on board, including government officials, crew, and passengers, are under the captain's command and are ultimately responsible to him, especially during navigation.

The captain is responsible for meeting the criteria of local immigration and customs officers on international voyages.

Embarking and disembarking passengers, dealing with deserting crew members, making crew changes in port, and creating accommodations for foreign crew members are all examples of immigration concerns.

A cargo declaration, a ship's stores declaration, a declaration of crew members' personal items, crew lists, and passenger lists are all possible customs procedures.


Cyprus, formally the Republic of Cyprus, is a Mediterranean island country located south of the Anatolian Peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

It is the Mediterranean's third-largest and third-most populous island, located south of Turkey and west of Syria.

Nicosia is the country's capital and largest city.

The island's first human activity originates from around the 10th millennium BC.

The well-preserved Neolithic town of Khirokitia is one of the oldest water wells in the world, and Cyprus is home to some of the world's oldest water wells.

In the second millennium BC, Mycenaean Greeks settled Cyprus in two waves.

It was subsequently occupied by various significant nations, including the Assyrian, Egyptian, and Persian empires, from whom Alexander the Great took the island in 333 BC.

Between 1571 and 1878, Ptolemaic Egypt, the Classical and Eastern Roman Empires, Arab caliphates for a brief period, the French Lusignan dynasty, and the Venetians ruled (de jure until 1914).

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